Flight consolidator business

  • Ability to Connect to multiple GDS at the same time
  • Ability to Connect to LCC’s and LCC aggregators
  • Ability to allow Agents to use b2b login to retrieve their PNR and ticket using consolidator PCC
  • Ability to allow non iata agents to book online
  • Ability to Source Fares from multiple markets using third party consolidators
  • Ability to distribute Private Fares to be distributed to agents
  • Manage PLB’s for different airlines for different criteria’s
  • Powerful yield management system to dynamically price based on multiple scenarios
  • Distribute using XML’s to other agents/OTA’s

Customer Background :

One of the largest Travel company in ME was looking for distribution of air fares across the region for b2b and other channels like loyalty management companies and payment wallet companies.

Key Challenges

Sourcing fares from multiple GDS for multiple geographies
Centralised operations and Call centre management
Integrate with Local LCC’s and Aggregators and make available the final price in a single page
Make available Private Deals across all the channels of distribution
Strict Credit Control which includes credit, deposit and daily cash models
Ability to load PLB’s / Super Incentive and manage them for targets and Yield
Faster rollout to multiple markets


VE. used VE.Enterprise to overcome the challenges and were able to completely rollout the above solution under 6 months.

Key Features

Multi GDS

Configure Amadeus, Travelport, Sabre for Flights availability and ticketing.

PNR retrieve

Do booking offline and retrieve PNR’s into the system for unified process control and ticketing

Corporate Fares

Allow Corporate code be passed to retrieve corporate codes from GDS and LCC’s *

LCC Integrations

Integrations with major LCC’s and LCC Aggregators, Get unified content in one single screen

Multi City

Send Multiple City Pairs in the same search query to get multi city options

Multi HAP Support

Configure HAP’s of Consolidators and Overseas offices and ticket using different rules


Set complex PLB’s received from airlines and distribute them across your network

NON BSP Market Support

Supports NON BSP market flow allowing those markets to do fulfillment directly with airlines

Dynamic Pricing

Configure commissions, ORC’s, discounts, PLB’s using complex Rule based pricing


Operations Management

From Search to PNR to Ticketing and Cancellation all using XML in realtime basis

XML out

Develop your flights module faster with XML integrations. Supports Dynamic Packaging


Proven Technology

More than 10 live implementations of all GDS generating more than 1000 tickets every day


Number of GDS integrations

Low Cost Carriers

Number of LCC integrations

Airline Consolidators

Number of LCC aggregator Integrations

Key Modules

Flight Suppliers

Flights – IBE


Flight Incentives

GDS – Sabre
GDS – Amadeus
GDS – Travelport
Fly Dubai
Air Arabia
Go Air
Spice Jet
LCC aggregators

Search Oneway – Return
Search Multicity
Search Two Pane*
Book & Auto eTicketing
Fare Quotation (RFQ)
Quality Checks
Error Management
Booking Process Flow

Email Communication
Pricing Rule Engine
OPS Control
Cancel – Pax Wise & PNR
Void – Pax Wise
Void – Full PNR
Void Only
ORC Management

IT – Fare
BT- Fare
Discounted Fare
System Fare
BSP Control Codes (Q,D)
TourCode Stamping
GDS – Corp CDN Fares
LCC promo code Support
LCC Ancilliaries*