Business Travel Solution for Corporates

Due to globalisation, Travel has become one of the key expenses for corporates across the globe. Some corporates have seen that by managing travel internally they are able to have better control and policy compliance. This leads to higher saving in the overall travel expenses for the business. Often, their current TMC is not able to provide automation or data either due to the TMC’s failure at adopting to technology or because a tight integration with corporates internal systems is not available. This leads to a major part of the Travel approval and procurement process being done manually. Also, often data to make good sourcing and policy decisions is not easily available.

VE. has seen this while working with some of the largest corporate houses in India. VE launched AGILE for exactly such situations. AGILE can be owned by the corporate and can be integrated to the TMC’s of their choice. AGILE can be customised to integrate with the internal systems of the corporate which gives the flexibility to the corporate to choose the TMC that they want to work with. The whole travel procurement process can be managed by having an internal team using consolidators or direct contracts. VE. has also partnered with leading consolidators and can also provide content by integrating other Enterprise Customers to provide wide range of travel services across the globe.

Customer Background :

Large Corporate House in India having a 100% owned travel company needed an integrated corporate travel solution. Prosposed solution would allow their implants and offices to manage the complete corporate travel business of the group companies. One of the key requirement was to have a centralised operations team and have all the bookings done on an online platform. The platform would be integrated with GDS and LCC’s for flights and CRS companies for hotels. All corporate code based fares and promotional fares would be made available through the the platform. A seamless display was to be provided to the end user allowing for easy selection of fares. Self booking tool to be made available for large corporate group companies with detailed individual policy and approval workflow. Platform to be configured with expense management for capturing the complete travel expenses for analysis and budgeting.

Key Challenges

Sourcing fares from multiple GDS for multiple geographies including global SOTO fares
Centralised operations and Call Centre management
Integrate with LCC’s and Aggregators and make available the all options along with the price in a single page
Private Deals across all the branches to be automatically integrated into a single fare display
Integration of financial data to backoffice systems
Corporate fares and IATA to be used based on the corporate location
Ability to load PLB’s / Super Incentive and manage them for targets and yield
Tightly integrate with individual group company intranet systems for Receiving Travel Request
Each group company had varied Approval and Policy compliance


VE. used Agile to overcome the challenges and rolled out the complete solution in under 5 months.

Agile Key Features


Travel Policy

Configure complex corporate travel policy suiting each enterprise requirement

Expense management

Capture Expenses during the trip and upload bills for approvals

Corporate Fares

Fully supports Corporate deals available based on logins


Approval Workflow

Configure Approvals based on grades, departments. Supports multiple level of approvals


Summary of travel with various parameters in a single dashboard

Multi HAP Support

Configure HAP’s of Consolidators and Overseas offices and ticket using different rules

Profile Management

Personal Profile and preferences are sent automatically when the booking is made

Best logical fare

Compare travel to best logical fare which can be configured

Dynamic Pricing

Configure commissions, ORC’s, discounts, PLB’s using complex Rule based pricing



Employees can login and book based on policy, workflow and track approval status

Rule based policy

Create and modify to make complex rules online


Request booking

You can send just travel request or send actual bookings for approvals


Number of GDS integrations

Low Cost Carriers

Number of LCC integrations

Airline Consolidators

Number of LCC aggregator Integrations


Number of CRS integrations

Key Modules

Corporate Setup

Travel Policy

Approval Workflow

Travel Conditions for Approvals

Profile Management
Project Details
Travel Policy Setup
Time Window Config
Company Setup

Record Travel Request
Trip Purpose
Violation Codes
Grade wise Travel policy
Least Logical Fare definition
Define policies based on Approvals, Notifications, Informations
Create Policy templates based on grades

Multi Level Approvals
Multiple conditions based approvals
Additional Approvals required based on certain specific conditions
Define Least Logical fare for Savings Report
General and Pre-search Conditions

Employees of the same company in the same flight
Embargoed Airline
Preferred Airline
Specific Time period before a reservation can be done
Full Service Carrier / LCC Carrier
Corporate Fare preferences
Non  refundable
Flight Legs
Difference between fare selected and least logical fare
Via points
Duration of Flight