We are continuously looking for TOP GUNS

With people at the heart of our business, we understand and value what growth means to people in terms of building a future and acquiring enhanced domain expertise. Over their career with us, our consultants are continually challenged to stretch and as they advance, they typically develop a specialty, in selected industry or functional areas. We promote a value-based culture at all levels of the organization where critical focus is endowed upon the importance of employee’s creativity and productivity. Respect for the contribution of an individual is a core value at Ve.

What do our Associates have?

  1. Creativity and individuality
  2. Broad education and well-developed intellectual skills
  3. Good at learning new things
  4. Flexible and work well in a team

What we look for in an Associate?

  1. Good oral and written communication skills
  2. Problem solving ability
  3. Teamwork skills
  4. Interpersonal skills
  5. Good academic achievements

Applying to Verchaska

Since we have a broad range of requirements. We would welcome any candidate with the above skill set to apply through post or via email in word/text format. As the subject of your mail please mention the post you are applying for and the number of years of experience in the chosen field.

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