Solution for Hotel Consolidator

  • Connect to multiple CRS / bed banks / channel managers at the same time
  • Manage private inventory rates and allocation via an intuitive interface
  • Allow modification of cancellation deadlines to minimise risk
  • Allow Agents to use b2b login to book on time limit
  • Automated payment reminders for time limit bookings
  • Automated management of time limit bookings including cancellation if not invoiced by the time limit
  • Setup local rate access to get market specific rates for different customers for various CRS companies
  • Powerful yield management system to dynamically price based on multiple scenarios
  • Distribute inventory to other agents/OTA’s using XML based services

Customer Background :

One of the largest TMC in india who has more than 100 offices across the country wanted to centralise the operations and product contracting and allow these branches / PSA / GSA to use a single login to book hotel and other non air products including packages, sightseeing , transfers.

Key Challenges

Users were given individual access to various suppliers portal which made consolidation and control very difficult
Amount of time taken to send a quote and convert them was very high
Product team at central office was required to be involved in all the bookings
No control on pricing as this was manually done at branches
Strict Credit Control which includes credit, deposit reporting was not easily possible
Consolidation of daily bookings and understanding of cash and credit position at each branches was delayed
New suppliers could not be added as a large no of people had to be trained every time


VE. used VE.Enterprise to overcome the challenges and rolled out a solution addressing all their needs in under 6 months.

Key Features

Multi CRS

Configure Multiple CRS companies like GTA, Tourico, Travco, MIKI, Hotelbeds, Hotelspro etc..


Time limit flow

Book on Time limit and cancel if payments not received

Deduping Methodology

Uses Complex algorithm to combine multiple room types from different supplier

Private Inventory & Allocations

Ability to Enter Private Contract Hotel rates along with Allocation

Supplier Extranet

Ability to Hotel Supplier Extranets for Private Inventory and Allocations

Online Translation engine

Translate content to multiple languages including arabic dynamically using google API

Hotel Package and Apartments Support

Ability to capture Hotel Packages and Apartment Rates


Online Amendment

Ability to amend bookings online using API’s*

Tight Integration with Maps

Tight Integration with MAP API

Auto Vouchering

Ability to Auto voucher based on Different workflows for cash and credit agents

Online Cancellation

Cancel Online using Supplier API’s directly

Promo Code Management

Manage Offers using Promo codes


Number of CRS integrations


Consolidators Integration

Key Modules

Hotel Suppliers

Hotel – IBE



Auto Vouchering
Quality Checks
Error Management
Booking Process Flow
Email Communication
Pricing Rule Engine
Promo Code Management
Targets Management
De Duping Methodology
Occupancy validation
Promotion management
Recommended hotel Management
Currency Settlement Management

Email Communication
Pricing Rule Engine
OPS Control
Amendment for API suppliers ( As supported by individual Suppliers)
Time limit Booking flow
Auto Vouchering
Manual Booking flow for Private Inventory
Quality Check for Private inventory