Solution for Package Consolidator

With the margins been high all travel companies are looking at selling fixed packages online. Based on the demand the packages can be configured for different destinations with rates and allocation be added and allow customers to choose the destination and then add the additional nights and continue with the booking process. Its seen that FIT travellers are booking pre packaged itineraries online more ofter than earlier years.

Some of the key functionality that a package wholesalers look are

  • Ability to enter consolidated packages, fixed departure packages, Standard Packages
  • Ability to enter multi city packages like 2 nights in Geneva, 3 nights in lucerne, 2 nights in interlaken
  • Ability to link hotels from the Private rates
  • Ability to enter per person rate for a package and also additional single nights for each destination hotels
  • Ability to enter detailed cancelation and child policy
  • Manage Allocations
  • Ability to enter the package split rates which might be hotel, sightseeing, transfers, meals etc rates and suppliers
  • Auto vouchering of individual content of a package
  • Multi Currency package rates and convert them at the time of sale based on the Exchange rates

The largest TMC which constitutes 30 % of package market share was looking at one integrated solution for distributing their FIt packages for their direct customers and also to their branches. VE. used VE.Enterprise to achieve the requirements

Key Features

Package Types

Configure Fixed, Slab based, Consolidated packages

Multi Currency

Supports multiple currency rates


Inventory Control

Add Room inventory for Allocation sales

Multi City Packages

Enter multi city packages with additional nights in each city

Fixed departures

Add fixed departures in specific days

Cancellation Policy

Configure detailed cancellation policy

Inclusion and Exclusions

Add inclusions and exclusions of the package

Child Policy

Configure detailed child policy


Split cost

Once package rates are entered you could split the rates along with individual supplier details

Multiple Room types

Add single, double, triple, quad rates along with child rates

Promo Code Management

Manage Offers using Promo codes

Auto Vouchering

Auto voucher all components in a package